Thursday, June 19, 2008

Does Acne Make Your Life Difficult?

By amanda jane white.

Life is difficult enough when we you are young and finding our place in the world, and to suffer with acne is an added pressure. As an older person suffering with this condition, life can be just as difficult as it affects our working and social life.
Put in the most simplest of terms it is a common skin disease that results when pores get blocked and bacteria form inside them. If only it were so simple to eradicate the problem,
There should be a different approach to treatment for men and women, as due to hormonal differences between the two sexes.
Many people who suffer with Acne tend to suffer with depression, due to low self esteem, feeling self conscious, and not feeling confident about being around other people. People will find it very difficult in career and social activities throughout their everyday lives.
There are many types of Acne, and there are numerous natural Acne remedies and articles and products on the market. Although improved skin care, diet and regular exercise are all factors that can contribute somewhat to the alleviation of the problem. We still need more to eradicate this problem.
For example, although there is no proven link between eating greasy foods and the development of Acne, what we eat does have some part to play in the functions of our bodies. There are foods that can increase the oil production in the body, excess iodized salt is one of these which has shown to have a noticeable effect. Although this can worsen the condition there is no evidence that it actually causes acne.
Stress although sometimes believed otherwise, is not a major factor in the cause of Acne, but it can make it worse, due to the increase in hormones, and the contribution to weakening the immune system. This in turn means that the body will work less effectively against invading bacteria.
Exercise can also help, as the increase in blood flow around the body helps our bodies to eliminate toxins.
Although we have probably heard this a thousand times before, drinking plenty of water does help again with helping our bodies eliminate wastes, and keeping our body working effectively.
Constant washing of the skin is not advisable as the skin can become dry and irritated.
The studies of acne are constantly being updated, and although we may never prevent acne, we will be hopefully be moving towards even more effective and more effective solutions to this debilitating skin complaint.
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